All of our fabrics are sustainable, and our suppliers are OKEO Step (Sustainable Textile Production) certified which ensures the implementation of environmentally friendly production processes and safe and socially acceptable working conditions in production facilities along the textile chain. They each use a sustainable process and monitor every single stage of the production cycle in order to reduce the use of water, energy, chemicals, and waste.


We work with local, family-run factories in LA to produce both swimwear and ready-to-wear. Manufacturing locally permits us to be involved firsthand in every step of our supply chain - we are able to monitor their working conditions and form close relationships with all who are involved.


For our printed marketing and branding materials, we are working with an officially certified LA Green Business that prints recyclable foil on card stock made from sugar cane, which is biodegradable and saves trees.

We want to bring environmental awareness to our customers as well - the swimwear is shipped to you in 100% compostable packaging.